• Fifticky

    Site revamp

    September 17, 2018 by Fifticky

    Hey! I'm Fifticky, a fan of the game and I hate the poor state of the wiki, so I thought I'd work on a big cleanup of the site. I'm writing articles on my own PC in order to avoid adding tons of edits to the history for now but once I'm done I'll post all the changes to the site.

    Spoilers suck. If the game is polite with its content warnings, so should the wiki be polite with its spoiler warnings. Articles about characters, locations and story events should contain just enough information for a reader to know if they should avoid reading further or not. Scenes should have their own pages and not be detailed on a character's page itself. Small spoilers within lists should be hidden using a click-to-reveal approach in the style of TV Tropes. …

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  • NickNoName

    Som and Kemp are a few of the most mysterious people in the game in my opinion.

    So, why not theorize about the Goat and Otter!

    Post your theories in the comments!

    (if blog posts even have comments. i dont remember.)


    Som worked with Archibishop so they can overthrow Mynt


    Kemp doesn't want Som to be apart of the whole "Mynt is a overlord that needs to be stopped" thing

    Whelp thats all i have for right now,

    i suck at this


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