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Paraphore is a text-based erotic game developed by Kittery and FallowWing. The game depicts furry creatures and a variety of extreme kinks. The goal of this wiki is to document the content of the Paraphore game and act as a reference for players and newcomers alike.

While there isn't pornography on the wiki, you should probably leave this site if you are not old enough to look at pornographic content in your own country, or if you don't want to see disturbing content.

If you're looking for a place to start, perhaps you should learn How to Play. Otherwise, feel free to browse the main categories:

Editing the wiki Edit

Wikia forbids pornographic content, erotic nudity and descriptions of sexual acts, especially if violent or non-consensual. When documenting a scene from the game, avoid describing the sexual acts in sentences. Tags and bullet-lists can be used to give information about the content in a cold, non-erotic way. If you need examples, look at Wikipedia articles about sex.

  • DO create pages for named or otherwise noteworthy characters. The wiki really needs more of those!
  • DO create pages for items or concepts that are key to the lore of the game.
  • DO use templates to identify spoilers and content warnings. A list of the most useful templates can be found on Paraphore Wiki:Templates.
  • DO NOT create pages for unnamed characters that are part of a single random encounter.
  • DO NOT quote detailed portions of the game. The goal of this wiki is not to replace the game. Instead of quoting or describing a scene in details, provide a general idea of what happens in it and how to get to it.
  • DO NOT talk about your fetiches, joke around or use this site as a social platform. The little number of contributers and the nature of Wikia makes it hard to moderate content here, and Paraphore being what it is, conversations will most likely go in places this site doesn't allow.

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