It's just a pear. Nothing special about this blue pear as seen in the image. Not even the reflection on the pear that looks like an exclamation mark during sentences and/or expressing screaming.

It has 4 colors in total, consisting of the white, light blue and the blue surrounding most of the pear and lastly, but not least, brown to represent the little stub in the pear many would just leave. I mean, who eats the stuff?

This pear is just like any other pear in a tree, whenether it be the next-door tree or the next-door pear, this pear is just like any other. Where there's nothing special about it.

This pear can be used as a metaphor. Hm... Let me thing of something.

A pear cannot grow on an apple tree”

-Anonymous user. 5:57 AM Thursday. 75% Batter- Wait, I'm just reading the tick on the top of my screen. Whoops.

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